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The Successful PR Professional's Bookshelf: 9 Books for PR Specialists

Experienced PR professionals know that the key to success is not only a clear plan of action but also a deep understanding of PR theory, being well-versed, and having a broad outlook. In this article, the public relations experts at our agency ITCOMMS will share 9 books (in Russian) they recommend every PR specialist read to increase their level of expertise and achieve outstanding results.

1. "PR in Asian Style" by Olesya Kolesnichenko

A practical guide on the specifics of PR in Central Asian countries by the expert Olesya Kolesnichenko. The author shares real case studies from her 18 years of experience and reveals the nuances of working as a PR specialist, taking into account the local mentality and traditions.

Gainel-Hayat Shakirova, PR Manager at ITCOMMS:

This book is simply indispensable for anyone planning PR activities in the Central Asian region. Olesya explains in an accessible way how important it is to consider cultural characteristics and mentality when building communication in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

2. "PR: Personal and Public" by Alexander Likhtman  

An autobiographical book by the founder of ITCOMMS, Alexander Likhtman, in which he shares his professional experience, reflections on the specifics of PR in different countries and industries. The book will be a valuable source of inspiration for both novice PR specialists and experienced professionals embarking on a challenging career path.

Alexander Likhtman, author of the book and founder of the ITCOMMS PR agency:

Before you is a book whose content defies a single definition. It is not a textbook, but I hope you will find many practical tips in it and discover new facets of PR. It is not an autobiography, but you will learn something about my life inside and outside the profession.

3. "Press Release from A to Z" by Olesya Kolesnichenko

A practical guide by Olesya Kolesnichenko that will teach you how to write press releases that attract journalists' attention and increase your chances of getting published in the media. The book is co-authored with AI.

Elena Lungu, Marketing Director at ITCOMMS:

This book is a must-have for all PR professionals. Olesya provides clear instructions on how to create press releases that will truly 'hook' journalists and leave them engaged. Highly recommended reading!

4. "Good Text" by Maya Leonova  

A collection of inspiring case studies and practical advice on PR and branding from practicing PR specialist Maya Leonova. The book will help you refresh your creative approach and find new ideas for successful projects.

Jeanna Skripal, PR Manager at ITCOMMS:

Maya's book is a real eye-opener for PR professionals. It's imbued with a spirit of creativity, contains a wealth of useful life hacks, and motivates you to improve your skills in the profession.

5. "Contagious" by Jonah Berger

A book by marketer Jonah Berger that reveals 6 principles to make an idea, product, or brand "contagious" and spark powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Spoiler: the six principles are that contagious products or ideas provide social currency, have triggers, evoke emotions, are publicly visible, practically valuable, and are wrapped in stories.

Zarnigor Usmanova, PR Specialist at ITCOMMS agency:

What I like about the book is that it includes a lot of analysis and references to various studies, which adds credibility to the information presented in the book. Although the book is written in a scientific style, it reads easily. The author provides step-by-step instructions on how to make brands or products 'contagious.' As one of the highly respected 'front figures' of the media industry in Uzbekistan wrote, the book has a chance to become a new must-read for professionals working in PR, marketing, and mass media, and I completely agree with him.

6. "Why a PR Specialist Needs a Ruler" by Liliya Glazova

The book by the renowned expert Liliya Glazova is a collection of practical advice on media measurement and effectiveness analysis for PR managers, digital specialists, and anyone working with the media. The author reveals the secrets of choosing the right KPIs, conducting research and monitoring, analyzing the results of PR campaigns and sponsorship projects. The publication is equipped with real case studies, tools, and stories from Glazova's rich practice, allowing for a deeper understanding of the intricacies of media measurement. The book will become an indispensable aid for both novice PR specialists and experienced experts, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Alexander Likhtman, founder of the ITCOMMS PR agency:

As a person who teaches 'Measuring the Effectiveness of PR' at AlmaU, this book is a balm. It's not just a textbook on PR. It's a textbook on effective and measurable PR. A must-read.

7. "How to Manage Your Life and Work: Secrets of Project Management" by Evgenia Bondarenko and Ekaterina Slyadneva

This book will be an excellent helper in organizing work processes, time management, and achieving a balance between work and personal life.

Evgeniia Mamicheva, PR Manager at ITCOMMS agency:

A simple but very useful practical book that will definitely come in handy for a PR professional: it will remind you how to work in a team, brief clients, present yourself and your ideas, give and receive feedback, and organize work processes. And most importantly, how not to go crazy — a large part of the book is devoted to the problem of work-life balance and burnout of specialists in the digital and communications sphere.

8. "The Culture Map" by Erin Meyer

Professor Erin Meyer from INSEAD offers a detailed guide to understanding cultural differences in international business. The book explains how they affect communication and a company's success.

Aziza Ilyasova, PR Specialist at ITCOMMS agency:

I think this book should be a desk reference for anyone even slightly involved in working in the international market. It explains in an accessible and concise way how different communication can be in a multicultural world and how this communication affects the success of a company and an individual employee. If you are at the beginning of your career path and your ambitions encompass not only the local but also the international market, then this book is a must-read for you!

9. "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini

The classic work by Robert Cialdini, which reveals the psychological principles and effective techniques of persuasion and influence on people. The book will help amplify the impact of your PR messages.

Elena Lungu, Marketing Director at ITCOMMS:

Cialdini's book is a timeless classic on influence and persuasion. I recommend it to all PR professionals who want to amplify the impact of their messages and campaigns. The psychological principles from this book will help you achieve maximum effectiveness in PR.

These books will not only enrich your knowledge and provide practical advice but will also inspire you to find new creative approaches to solving tasks in the field of PR.

This article has been translated from Russian to English by an AI language model. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, there may be nuances or idioms that do not perfectly translate. The original Russian article should be referenced for the most precise content.


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