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Case Study: Media PR as a way to get wide coverage of a news in Turkey

If you are planning to expand your business in this region, this case study is for you 

Evgenia Mamicheva, PR-specialist of ITCOMMS agency, tells how to organize PR-activity in Turkey and provide almost 200-million coverage to the infowalk.


International game developer Gaijin Entertainment developed content for its flagship game - online military action War Thunder: a short movie dedicated to the courage of Turkish soldiers and in-game content dedicated to Turkish tanks, fighters and helicopters.

The company was faced with the challenge of getting a strong localized infomercial coverage. The challenges of this project were as follows: - the topic of the infopod itself was a difficult one for organic PR

- Gaijin Entertainment had no regular PR activities in Turkey, so it was an unfamiliar company to the media without established relationships with journalists.


We decided to use a classic PR tool, organic publications in the media, as a way to ensure a wide coverage of the news story, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to consolidate the image of Gaijin Entertainment as a significant company. After all, big media won't write about insignificant ones 🙂 .

We analyzed the infopole, created a communication strategy, media database, selected the most relevant media for our infopitch and prepared messages for each of the media. During the media pitching process, we provided journalists with information in a way that was both useful and interesting to them. As a result, we received organic publications.


The total reach of the PR campaign amounted to 193.3 million people. 

We secured 15 organic publications, including in Tier1 media. These included publications such as trbugunkigazeteler. com trteknolojipusulasi. com and others.

Later, to enhance the effect of the PR activity we organized 3 commercial publications in Tier1 media where the presence of the brand would have a positive impact on its image in the eyes of the public. An interview with the company founder was published in Hurriyet, Turkey's largest media outlet (200+ million visitors/month). Two more publications appeared in and

Insights on working with media in the region

Eugenia Mamicheva, PR expert at ITCOMMS, not only launched a successful campaign for Gaijin Entertainment in Turkey, but also prepared Top 6 points on working with media in this region. Let them help you organize the process with the least delays and disruptions:

  1. If your infopitch is country-specific, there's a good chance of getting organic publications. Adapt global infoposts or look for ways to create them from scratch for the Turkish market.

  2. Turkey is known for its hospitality, service and relationship building skills. In tourism and in the life of the average person, this is a must have. But working with the media is a separate topic, there are other rules, some media do not even remotely "offer tea". Turn professionalism to the max, learn to pitch and find an approach to a particular journalist.

  3. Prices jump and depend literally on the language in which they are requested. From agreeing an initial estimate to publication, the price can change several times. So a word of advice: fix prices with each media outlet documented at once so that you don't have to guess what will happen faster, the price increase or the death of the PR person's nerve cells.

  4. Turkey is said to combine Eastern and Western culture, so Turks are good at English in business communication. Our experience has shown that it is still better to communicate in Turkish.

  5. In our experience, the time it takes for a journalist to respond to a pitch is 4-5 days. Even when it comes to commercial publications, the response time does not tend to decrease, so build it into your plan.

  6. Legal points. In editorial offices, all texts are legally checked, this process can take several days. Doubtful moments from the point of view of Turkish law will automatically put an end to the text, it will not go to print. That's why it's great to have someone at your disposal who understands Turkish law at the level of working with the media. And again, put the time for legal approval in the timeplan.

"There is no market where it is impossible to establish relations with the media. Knowing the specifics, local realities and local rules, you will definitely overcome this path!" - Evgenia Mamicheva, PR-specialist ITCOMMS

Do you want to pass this way faster? Then write to us at, we will advise you and tell you about all PR-opportunities.


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