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development of a PR strategy,
initiating articles and comments in the media,
organization of barter activities with influencers,
development of competitive mechanics, counseling, copywriting, monitoring and analytics, anti-crisis PR, PR of the first persons of the company (Personal brand), mentoring, training, media trainings, media events.


creation of an algorithm of actions in a crisis situation, creation of an individual anti-crisis folder, working out a plan of action in case of a crisis, copywriting, counseling, monitoring and analytics, handling a crisis situation.


turnkey digital project (360°), content marketing, influencer marketing, development of creative concepts, website and landing page development, contextual advertising, programmatic/teasers/RTB, targeted advertising, performance marketing, SMM and social selling, Design from banners to websites

Modern Office
Coworking Space
Sync Up

influencer marketing

increase awareness of a brand, category or product, stimulate demand for the product attract traffic, increase the loyalty of the target audience.


Increase your LTV

Creative, design, video production

implement a campaign on a limited budget create a unique visual image of a company or product increase audience engagement stand out from competitors change, update your visual image

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