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PR Saturday - our first event in Armenia.

Do you want to spend the weekend productively? :)

In this case our announcement is for you!

20th of August, Yerevan - there will be our first event in collaboration with Invest in Armenia.

PR Saturday — is an education and networking for top-managers, marketers and all of those who are interested in promotion of companies and their products.

Within the event you will learn:

- What is PR and how it helps the business;

- How to connect companies and consumers of its products;

- How to increase sales, find investors and get to new markets.

In the event program: presentations of ITCOMMS PR experts, new cases and superior benefits.

Start: 12:00

Language of the event: Russian

Want to join us and learn lots of interesting in PR? :)

Fill out the application form to register.

Participation is free. The number of participants is limited.


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