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Three communication channels that will be effective for another ten years in B2B company promotion

Ever since ITCOMMS started promoting IT businesses, the majority of our clients have been B2B companies. Our specialists have amassed substantial competence in this area, and in this article we'll provide advice on how to successfully establish communications in order to accomplish your business objectives.

We'll discuss three B2B company promotion channels that, in our opinion, cannot be overlooked.

You will find out how to develop powerful marketing plans for your goods and services, as well as read about things you should focus on instead of anything else. It is crucial for companies to know how to develop powerful marketing strategies for their goods and services.


One of the best strategies for boosting sales is personal brand, an undeniable trend of late.

Since investors, potential customers and employees are more likely to trust a company whose manager or experts have strong personal brands, we advise developing them for all senior executives in B2B.

This is supported by studies of the worldwide B2B market that TrustRadius and SurveyMonkey frequently carry out. The key findings of this analytic report are shown on the following slide. 62% of respondents consider experts to be specialists at organizations that have industry experience, while 21% of respondents trust expert articles in the media and in social networks.

Key findings of a study by SurveyMonkey and TrustRadius on the worldwide B2B market.

The company's CEO can be the centre of a personal brand, but this is not the only option. Strong expertise can be demonstrated by an HR manager, a sales manager, etc. The personal brand will heavily influence the company's HR policy in the first scenario, with the objective of retaining or recruiting new employees, while sales conversion will be key in the second scenario (spoiler alert: it will grow).

Today is a fantastic moment to begin developing your personal brand, if you haven't already. Aleksandr Likhtman, the founder of ITCOMMS, explains where to start in his video.

We are also composing an in-depth article on personal branding that will be posted in our blog in November. It will explain how to build your manager's brand to help you accomplish the corporate objectives.


The COVID-19 pandemic's effects and the increasing popularity of telecommuting have increased the need for live communication to unprecedented heights. Finding customers for sophisticated products, collaborators for projects, and staff to grow your business all benefit from offline networking.

Participate in conferences as a speaker, guest, or listener; each option will be advantageous.

You should also plan events for your audience, impart your knowledge and skills, build a community around your business and its products, and research the opinions of your target audience. All of this will contribute to a rise in brand supporters, consumer loyalty, and ultimately revenue.

At ITCOMMS, we've started a series of training events for PR specialists in the IT industry. Armenia and Uzbekistan have already had successful meetups. Such gatherings are focused on networking and learning practical information on growing an IT company with the aid of quantifiable communications.

In the near future, we want to present a new, extended program in Kazakhstan.

We have taken part in a number of industry events over the past several months, including the Sochi Startup Polyana Fest, the Jolbors Central Asian Communication Festival, and ICT Week Uzbekistan.

Aleksandr Likhtman, CEO of ITCOMMS, explains what PR is and why companies need it
The marketing cases for HyperX and Binance were a hit among the event attendees.


OWNED media refers to company-owned assets, including its website, blog, social media pages, and staff blogs. We consider it one of the most underrated marketing strategies among consumers.

If there are other platforms with a significant readership, why start a blog on a website? Will anyone read it?

We have an answer to that: your platforms are the only tools that give you complete control over your audience, content, and image-building processes.

Your target audience's core will be gathered here, and you'll be able to build a strong community. Your own platforms are also a great way to do SEO promotion and affect branded search results.

Here are a few examples of informative and helpful blogs from Central Asian IT businesses.

Consider this post a reminder to finally add the coveted "Blog" or "News" section on your website, if you don't already have one.

Do you wish to grow these areas but lack the necessary staff, funds, information, or time?

Drop us a line at, and at the very least we'll give you advice on where to start; if you want more, we'll be glad to work with you to achieve your goals.

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