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PR & Marketing resources in Kazakhstan: What to Read for the Latest Trends

Today's article is a Top of media and Telegram channels that are a must have for communications, PR and Digital professionals in the Kazakhstan market. And, of course, some of them will be with a bias towards our beloved IT.


PR Drive is an online magazine about PR and communications, created by enthusiasts in the region. There are some very useful materials, kudos to industry colleagues!

Newreporter - "Newreporter" is a professional resource about media. Here you'll find useful material about audiences, content, media literacy, and more.

Bluescreen - covers events about IT-technologies, games, cyber-security, Kazakhstan and world trends.

Tribune is a project of the Central Asian Advertising Association dedicated to advertising, marketing and PR in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries

The Tech - news Mecca for IT specialists. Industry events, top news, articles about the future, career opportunities and much more.

Forbes Kazakhstan - local division of Forbes, the main thing about business, key persons, events, etc.

Kapital is a news agency, telling about events in the economy, business and finance in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Inbusiness - Kazakhstan business media. A unique media space of experts, media analysts, intellectuals. Economic news, business news, educational and socially important content.

The Steppe is a lifestyle site about life, work and hobbies in Kazakhstan, here you can catch cultural trends or situational information for your PR-campaigns.

The Village is another lifestyle publication with a focus on local events, stories of interesting people, etc.

Manshuq Media is an online publication for modern women; there is interesting professional content, for example, the editorial project "Media Literacy Lessons" is topical now.

Telegram - our Agency's channel about communications, PR, Marketing and IT. — A channel about media, PR and a little bit about marketing. Podcasts with media people. — here about marketing, events and a little PR.  — official channel of Astana Hub, an international technology park for IT startups in Kazakhstan.  — the channel of Nazym Public Relations Agency founder. The agency is engaged in the promotion of projects in the areas of politics, IT and women’s rights. Nazym is part of an association dedicated to the development of women’s potential in the country. is the channel of a copywriter who writes for the IT sphere: applications of banks, ticket search services. He writes about copywriting and a little bit about PR.  — a channel about possibilities for the IT-community in Central Asia, and about PR, communications and Digital in particular. — channel about journalists and for journalists, there are often vacancies, news from the media, for example, a recent attack on several journalists. — channel of a media school that teaches human rights and media literacy in Central Asia.  — founder of Arbat Media, an online political media. is the channel of an editor and mother of two. Lately she has been writing not only about journalism. She also writes about women’s rights and life in Turkey. Launched her own course on design thinking.  — Official channel of News of Kazakhstan and the world, analytics.  — author channel of Shaken Marat about development of IT ecosystem and startups in Kazakhstan. News announcements, IT market insights, analysis of start-ups, interviews.  — IT-technologies, games, cyber-security, Kazakhstan and world trends. of the publication of the same name.

The list is based on an oral survey of PR and Digital professionals in Kazakhstan.

If you know other cool resources, which will be useful for your colleagues, share in comments, we will complete the list.

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