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Oh God, it's Monday! Binance MeetUp

And we are in a hurry with fantastic news to bring yo

u positive vibes in the beginning of the week!

On 28th of July in Tbilisi, Georgia the most famous cryptocurrency exchange and our client - Binance - held an event - Binance MeetUp.

This event united more than 300 visitors from different countries of Central Asia, who are interested in cryptocurrency.

The meeting was dedicated to the development of the crypto industry in Georgia and the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the country.

ITCOMMS was so happy to help in organizing the #BinanceMeetUp, PR support for the event and gathering guests. Fascinating!

Impossible is possible: hot topics, live Q&A session and interviews of Country Manager for Golden and Crypto media of Georgia - all these happened

Learn more and enjoy:

Who knows what country will be the next?)

Stay tuned!

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