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New product by our partner 2L Agency: digital metaverse world for your brand

The time has come to unveil our secret project. Our agency has been brewing something up for a long time, and now it's time to share it with you.

We are launching a new product — digital metaverse worlds for any brand. Just a bit of background: in January, we did our regular research and decided to explore new creative solutions for our clients. We saw a growing demand for product digitalization, driven by NFT technology and the wider adoption of metaverses by the general public.

Now we are working on a long piece for our blog, where we argue why PR nowadays should be high-tech, and why it should use more than just press releases and blogger integrations. But as this piece is being written, we are going to explain why businesses should adopt metaverses and where their practical usefulness lies.

How metaverses can benefit your business:

  • Reaching the target audience.

  • Creating a wow-product – you could potentially outperform your competitors in the metaverse.

  • Testing ground for your new products.

  • Consumer interests survey.

  • Personal digital space for the brand – its own media resource to help establish audience loyalty.

  • Sales promotion.

  • Drawing in a new audience – integration with existing projects and games.

  • Development of creative concepts.

Metaverses are pushing the limits – virtual and augmented reality technologies have become part of our lives, allowing you to try on new clothes, travel or build with AR, play games, hold meetings and events in VR, and so much more.

The presentation showing the power of metaverses within your business is available upon request → Polina Skibo, Head of Metaverse Department at 2L Agency,

Send us any questions you have about metaverses and we'll share everything we know ourselves.


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