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ITCOMMS - The PR Partner of Women in Tech®Uzbekistan

Our agency is proud to become the strategic #publicrelations partner for the Women in Tech Uzbekistan community, a prominent advocate for equal opportunities for women in the #IT sphere.

🌐 We share Women in Tech’s belief that every woman should have a chance to realize her potential in this promising and rapidly developing industry. That is why ITCOMMS provides informational support to the community, which aims to inspire and engage women in Uzbekistan into the world of high technologies.

In #Uzbekistan with its centuries-old traditions, the path towards equal opportunities has been challenging. However, as the country strives to become a global leader in the IT arena, unprecedented prospects for self-fulfillment open up for our talented female compatriots.

We at ITCOMMS are confident that initiatives like Women in Tech Uzbekistan will play a vital role in expanding women’s participation in the IT community. They help find like-minded peers, seasoned mentors, interesting job openings and simply inspire by their example. This movement not only uncovers new horizons for its members but also facilitates the establishment of gender equality principles in society at large.

We welcome the opportunity to provide PR assistance to this initiative and extend our gratitude to everyone involved in founding and developing the Women in Tech Uzbekistan community for a chance to make our contribution.

About Women in Tech:

Present in 48+ countries with 300,000+ members. The mission of the global Women in Tech community is to build a world where women succeed in STEAM and support 5 million women and girls in STEAM by 2030.


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