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PR in Turkey: insights on media relations in the region

Considering entering the Turkish market?

Look no further. Our PR expert, Evgeniia Mamicheva, has compiled exclusive insights tailored for this region. Let these insights guide you in streamlining your processes and minimizing setbacks:

📢 If your news ties into the country, you stand a good chance of garnering organic coverage. Adapt global news or craft stories from scratch to resonate with the Turkish market.

📢 Turkey is renowned for hospitality, service, and relationship-building – essential elements in both tourism and everyday life. Yet, the media landscape is an entirely different realm, governed by distinct rules. Some outlets might not even offer you a cup of tea. Ramp up professionalism, master the art of pitching, and tailor your approach to individual journalists.

📢 Prices fluctuate wildly and often hinge on the language requested. From initial budgeting discussions to publication, costs might shift multiple times. A piece of advice: Document prices with each media outlet upfront to avoid uncertainty. Otherwise, you'll find yourself pondering whether the price or your PR nerves will spike first.

📢 They say Turkey blends Eastern and Western cultures, resulting in strong English proficiency for business communication. However, our experience suggests it's still preferable to communicate in Turkish.

📢 Journalists typically respond to pitches within 4-5 days based on our observations. Even in the case of commercial publications, response times remain relatively stable. Thus, factor this into your planning.

📢 Legal matters play a pivotal role. All texts undergo legal scrutiny in editorial offices, a process that can take several days. Ambiguous areas from a Turkish legal standpoint can thwart a piece, preventing its publication. Having someone well-versed in Turkish law and media relations can be a game-changer. And again, allocate time for legal clearance in your timeline.

There's no market where building media relationships is impossible. Armed with a keen understanding of the landscape, local realities, and rules, you can surely master this path!

Want to expedite your journey? Reach out to us at or via direct message here. We're here to advise you and unravel all the possibilities.


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