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Digital Landscape in 2024 in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Datareportal has published a new report Digital 2024 about digital trends in various countries, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan 

Here are some interesting findings.


💠The overall internet user rate is 92.3%, with 71.5% of the population using social media (an increase of 2.25 million).

💠Social media platforms are experiencing significant growth, with TikTok gaining 3.7 million users, Instagram 1.7 million, Facebook 400,000, and LinkedIn 200,000.

💠Google's search share in 2024 fell by 16.5% compared to 2023. Yandex is actively developing in the market, with its share growing to 23.2%.

💠TikTok has the highest potential reach at 14.1 million, followed by Instagram with 12.2 million.

💠Pinterest generates the highest referral traffic from social media, followed by Facebook and YouTube.

💠38% of the population makes online purchases, while 67% conduct online payments.

🫥Read more interesting insights in the Digital 2024: Kazakhstan report


💠 Uzbekistan has 29.52 million internet users, with an internet penetration rate of 83.3%.

💠 8.70 million people use social media, which accounts for 24.6% of the total population.

💠 Among search engines, Google leads with 74%, while Yandex ranks second with 24.5%.

💠 In terms of referral traffic from social media, Instagram takes the lead, followed by Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube.

💠 Regarding potential advertising reach, Instagram leads, followed by TikTok, Facebook, and messaging apps.

💠 39.3% of users make online payments, while 5.9% make online purchases.

We highly recommend checking out the full Digital 2024: Uzbekistan report


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