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Launching an International Project in a New Country: Case Study Women in Tech Uzbekistan

The Team:

Farida Islomova, PR Manager and Project Lead

Zarnigor Usmanova, PR Manager

Muhlisa Shokirova, PR Assistant

The Challenge

The international organization Women in Tech, whose activities are aimed at promoting gender equality in the IT industry, approached us. They were opening their first regional office in Central Asia in Uzbekistan.

Our task was to ensure large-scale coverage of this announcement in Uzbekistan's key media outlets. However, in the new market, the client had no established connections with the media community or reputation as a recognized brand.

An expert approach was required to set up a press office from scratch and build strong relationships with journalists within a few weeks before the official announcement.

The Solution and Implementation

In the first stage, we prepared and distributed a detailed press release in the state and Russian languages about the start of Women in Tech's activities in Uzbekistan.

We established contacts with influential local media representatives. We conducted a series of briefings on the organization's unique mission and projects, ensuring the journalism community's interest.

The next step was organizing a large-scale press event for the official office opening, to which we invited journalists. Thanks to the preliminary work, we managed to attract an impressive number of media, including TV.

The culmination was the announcement's publication on the website of the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan - the project's most important strategic partner in the region. This set a high status and resonance for the entire campaign.

The Results

Our team organized an effective press office from scratch, allowing Women in Tech to make a striking entry into Uzbekistan.

406,000 - total outreach of the PR campaign 24 non-commercial publications in media, social networks, and TV, including the country's key information resources.

The launch in Uzbekistan became a successful springboard for Women in Tech's further development in the Central Asian region.


Entering fundamentally new markets is always associated with certain risks and unforeseen challenges, especially when it comes to such significant and non-routine projects in the field of gender equality.

The key to the successful Women in Tech case was proactivity, expert planning, and a flexible approach at all stages. As well as an invariably respectful and trustful attitude towards local media communities - the key conduit for any initiative in a new country.

Anna Ambrozevich, Leader of Women in Tech Uzbekistan:

The ITCOMMS team was able to organize a truly loud and resonant launch for us in Uzbekistan within a few weeks. Thanks to their data-driven approach, expertise, and well-coordinated work of the great agency team, our project received high media support on all key platforms in the country from the very first days of operation. I would like to especially note the transparent reporting, which was easy to read and analyze!

Farida Islomova, PR Manager of the Project:

For me, this was an extremely interesting experience. I managed to build an authoritative Women in Tech press office from scratch in a short time and organized effective interaction with the local media community. Despite some cultural and language barriers, we succeeded in conveying the project's message and significance to journalists.

This article has been translated from Russian to English by an AI language model. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, there may be nuances or idioms that do not perfectly translate. The original Russian article should be referenced for the most precise content.


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