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Successful Launch of a New Brand in Kazakhstan: The Dreame Case Study

PR-manager Gainel-Hayat Shakirova


Dreame, a Chinese manufacturer of innovative household appliances and personal care devices, entered the Kazakhstani market. Our task was to ensure widespread coverage of this event among the target consumer audience.

However, the brand had no brand recognition or established media connections in this new country for them. A comprehensive PR campaign was required to launch and introduce the Dreame product line to the Kazakhstani audience.

Solution and Implementation

Our first step was to compile a media list of relevant publications whose audience closely matched Dreame's target consumer profile. Based on this analysis, we formed a pool of media outlets for further engagement.

The next stage involved inviting Kazakhstani journalists to a press event in the format of a brunch. During the brunch, guests had the opportunity to familiarize themselves in detail with Dreame's products and interview company representatives and local branch managers.

After the event, journalists were provided with promotional product samples for in-depth testing and review preparation. We fully controlled the logistics and the process of coordinating materials with the client.

Throughout the campaign, we conducted comprehensive monitoring of published articles and analyzed their reach.


Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we successfully organized a vibrant and large-scale launch of Dreame in Kazakhstan from scratch:

  • 15 leading journalists were invited to the press event.

  • 29 non-commercial publications featuring Dreame product reviews were published in the media and on social networks.

  • The total reach of the PR campaign was 2.4 million people.

The strategy of maximizing the involvement of local media not only allowed for an effective announcement of the brand's market entry but also secured its expert reputation among the target audience through product reviews.


Launching a new brand and products in a new market is always a significant challenge, even for large international companies. The key to the success of the Dreame case was a systematic approach, in-depth preliminary analysis, and an effective mix of offline and online activities.

The press event in the vibrant brunch format allowed for maximum immersion of the target audience in the products and interaction with the company's top representatives. The subsequent distribution of reviews in the media on a long-term basis further solidified the brand's expert reputation.

As a result, our team exceeded the KPIs – the number of publications by 300% and the reach by 129%. This laid a solid foundation for the partnership between ITCOMMS and Dreame. The reliability of our team and the guaranteed quality of our services became the basis for long-term cooperation and repeat orders from the client.

Yulia Shadrina, Dreame Kazakhstan:

The ITCOMMS team provides competent and timely support; we are satisfied with their work!

PR Manager Gainel-Hayat Shakirova:

The Dreame project was an interesting creative experiment for me. We literally built familiarity with an innovative brand in the media landscape in Kazakhstan from scratch. The key to success was proper planning, immersion in the specifics of the local market, and a creative approach to implementation.

This article has been translated from Russian to English by an AI language model. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, there may be nuances or idioms that do not perfectly translate. The original Russian article should be referenced for the most precise content.


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