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Calendar of business, IT and marketing events in 2023 in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia

The most important events of this year that we recommend to visit

📍 Digital Kyrgyzstan implementation of innovative technologies in government, banks, fintech and retail.

March 15, Bishkek.

📍Profit Cloud Day is a conference for business owners, managers, IT and IS executives, middle managers and specialists.

March 16, Almaty.

📍 Free webinar from ModumUp Social Selling Agency "Entering CIS markets in 2023". March 15, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. Moscow:

10:00 - 10:30 "Find Your Own and Don't Settle Down. How Yandex Cloud is building an IT community in Kazakhstan"

10:30 - 11:00 "How ITCOMMS PR agency entered the Uzbek market in 2022 and earned $89 000

11:00 - 11:30 "Case studies of Kazakhtelecom: how to build effective marketing communication and introduce new B2B products to the market of Kazakhstan

📍 Azure Day mini-conference - free mini-conference on Chat GPT and secure data storage in the cloud. The conference will feature presentations from top Azure cloud experts from top companies, who will not only share valuable insights and success stories, but also engage in heated discussions on some of the most hotly debated topics.

March 18, Astana. Online and offline.

📍Tashkent Digital Marketing Forum 2023 - international forum on digital marketing.

March 19-20, Tashkent.

📍Otaku Fest - anime festival, popular bloggers, merch fairs, interactive booths and a ton of fun. You can definitely get a lot of ideas for your communications here.

March 19, Almaty.

📍Hackathon "Defense Tech 3.0" - dedicated to finding solutions in the sphere of defense and security, organized on the initiative of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan and JSC Kazakhstan GIS Center.

March 20, Almaty. Offline.

📍IT Business Forum and Central Asian Tech Awards - the goal of the forum: to announce new digital products, organize and expand networking, popularize IT specialties. March 24, Bishkek.

📍Google DevNauryz - Google DevNauryz is a unique event that brings together the world of technology and the cultural heritage of ancestors. The focus is on Web3, AI, Computer Vision, startups and Green Energy.

March 26, Turkestan, Farab Library. Offline.

📍Two technology marathons on industrial digitalization.

March 29, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

📍Spacetech MeetUp 2 - an event about space from NASA guys will take place in Yerevan with a parallel connection in Astana and an online broadcast.

March 30, online.

📍The webinar "Digital process twin" is about how to use process analytics to discover problem areas in a company, identify areas for robotization and track process performance in real time. What does it look like in practice - on the example of the VK Process Mining solution.

March 30. Online

📍IDC Future of Digital Infrastructure Forum 2023 is a forum by international analyst company IDC dedicated to investing in IT infrastructure modernization: analytics and forecasts, business and investment, AI and more. The forum is intended for IT directors, heads of IT infrastructure services, innovation managers, CTOs, CDOs, COOs, CISOs.

March 30, Almaty.

📍Profit Retail Day conference about new technologies in retail in Kazakhstan.

March 31, Almaty.

📍Yasnogram - large-scale conference about launches, advertising, marketing.

April 2, Kazakhstan.

📍UzSecureExpo 2023 - international specialized security exhibition.

April 5-7, Tashkent.

📍PROFIT Integrator Day - a conference where Kazakhstan integrators talk about their cases and opportunities, and learn customers' pains firsthand.

April 13, Almaty.

📍The Central Eurasia Venture Summit - Central Eurasia Venture Summit.

April 25-26, Tbilisi.

📍IDC Day in Baku 2023 - a forum dedicated to the topic of building the enterprise of the future in times of uncertainty.

A meeting place for CIOs, digital business leaders, and IDC analysts to get a clear picture of the most important trends in the IT market, growing business opportunities for digitalization, best practices, and promising technologies.

May 24, Baku. Offline.

📍 PLUS Forum platform for productive business communication between participants: fintech companies and startups, IT parks.

May 30-31, Tashkent.

📍Central Asia Reklam 2023 - international exhibition of advertising,technologies and materials.

31 May - 2 June, Almaty.

📍Profit Contact Day New technologies in contact centers.

Representatives of IT-companies will be here.

16 June 2023, Almaty.

📍PROFIT Finance Day - annual conference dedicated to smart technologies in financial sector.

June 2, Almaty.

📍 PROFIT Culture & Sport Day - conference about digitalization of culture and sport in Kazakhstan.

June 30, Almaty.

📍 PROFIT Logistics Day - speakers and experts of the conference will discuss digital solutions and talk about issues related to the topic of the event: trends and innovations, business automation.

September 15, Almaty.

📍Digital Wave 2023 Digital conference, strategies, cases, cool speakers. No up-to-date information on the website yet, but the date is announced on the association's website. September 7, Almaty.

📍Regional Advertising Forum RAF 2023 - no information on the website yet, but the date is announced on the association website.

November 2, Almaty.

📍 Retail Central Asia forum about retail industry and online trade in CIS, Central Asia and far-abroad countries.

November 22-23, Tashkent.

📍PROFIT Game Day Conference about cybersports.

8 December, Almaty.

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