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Calendar of business, IT and marketing events in 2023 in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

The most important events of this year that we recommend to visit

📍 Digital Kyrgyzstan implementation of innovative technologies in government, banks, fintech and retail. March 15, Bishkek.

📍Profit Cloud Day is a conference for business owners, managers, IT and IS executives, middle managers and specialists. March 16, Almaty.

📍Tashkent Digital Marketing Forum 2023 - international forum on digital marketing. March 19-20, Tashkent.

📍Otaku Fest - anime festival, popular bloggers, merch fairs, interactive booths and a ton of fun. You can definitely get a lot of ideas for your communications here. March 19, Almaty.

📍IT Business Forum and Central Asian Tech Awards - the goal of the forum: to announce new digital products, organize and expand networking, popularize IT specialties. March 24, Bishkek.

📍Profit Retail Day conference about new technologies in retail in Kazakhstan. March 31, Almaty.

📍UzSecureExpo 2023 - international specialized security exhibition. April 5-7, Tashkent.

📍PROFIT Integrator Day - a conference where Kazakhstan integrators talk about their cases and opportunities, and learn customers' pains firsthand. April 13, Almaty.

📍 PLUS Forum platform for productive business communication between participants: fintech companies and startups, IT parks. May 30-31, Tashkent.

📍Central Asia Reklam 2023 international exhibition of advertising,technologies and materials. 31 May - 2 June, Almaty.

📍PROFIT Finance Day - annual conference dedicated to smart technologies in financial sector. June 2, Almaty.

📍 PROFIT Culture & Sport Day - conference about digitalization of culture and sport in Kazakhstan. June 30, Almaty.

📍 PROFIT Logistics Day - speakers and experts of the conference will discuss digital solutions and talk about issues related to the topic of the event: trends and innovations, business automation. September 15, Almaty.

📍Digital Wave 2023 Digital conference, strategies, cases, cool speakers. No up-to-date information on the website yet, but the date is announced on the association's website. September 7, Almaty.

📍Regional Advertising Forum RAF 2023 - no information on the website yet, but the date is announced on the association website. November 2, Almaty.

📍 Retail Central Asia forum about retail industry and online trade in CIS, Central Asia and far-abroad countries. November 22-23, Tashkent.

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