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Educational project 
"PR-day for IT-companies and startups"

Learn about PR tools from practicing industry experts and launch your business promotion at maximum speed

Partners of the project

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About the project

PR Day for IT companies and startups is a training and networking event for top managers, marketers and anyone interested in promoting their company and its products.

ITCOMMS is a PR agency for IT, created by experts with 20 years of experience in promoting international IT companies. Among our clients are such giants as Binance, Toshiba, Kingston, AMD, Trend Micro, as well as small local companies.

Our partners are Convoy international network of PR-agencies, Metaverse Standarts Forum, Invest in Armenia investment platform, IT Park, the locomotive of the IT-industry in Uzbekistan.

Key points of the project


  • What is PR and how it helps businesses to achieve business goals. 

  • How and how business can help Media relations (work with the media).

  • Influencers as the main engine of the brand in modern realities. 

  • Offline events - a way to increase brand awareness and audience engagement. 

  • Personal brand. Instructions on how to use it. 

  • Metaviews for business as a new PR instument.


Project Mission

The mission of the PR-days project is to contribute to the development of the IT-industry in Central Asia, to provide market players with the opportunity to get reliable and expert information that will help to develop business, strengthen their positions in local and international markets by building competent and effective communications.

Project Values

  • Only expert content proven by 20 years of experience. 

  • Local and international cases. 

  • Open dialog with experts.

  • Practical application of the acquired knowledge in the learning process.

Who will benefit from the project and how

Owners and PR-specialists of IT-companies

Разберетесь в деталях, как с помощью пиара и маркетинга получать конкретные бизнес-результаты и достигать стратегических целей. Как оценивать эффективность PR-активностей

Public sector that invests in public relations and creating a positive image of various agencies

Узнаете как выстраивать эффективную коммуникацию между государственными компаниями и представителями IT-бизнеса


Узнаете, как привлекать инвесторов, как подготовить PR-стратегию, запустить продвижение и снизить стоимость входящих лидов

PR consultants

Прокачаете свои знания, повысите уровень своей экспертизы по коммуникациям в IT-сфере

Educational platforms that train PR specialists

Стимулируем спрос на рынке труда на подготовку пиар-специалистов

All those who are close to the topic of PR and IT

Сможете из первых уст экспертов узнать самое важное о теме PR в IT

Past events

PR Day in Yerevan with Invest in Armenia

On August 20, 2022, the PR Day was held in Yerevan. The event was partnered by Invest in Armenia, an investment B2B platform that connects investment offers in Armenia with over 1000 potential investors and export companies with buyers.

The event was attended by 20 participants - representatives of Armenia's IT industry, CEOs, PR specialists and startup founders.

PR Day in Tashkent with IT Park

On September 14, we held a PR-day in Tashkent. The event was partnered by IT Park Uzbekistan, the locomotive of the IT sphere in Uzbekistan. 


The event was attended by 27 participants, including founders of local startups and representatives of IT companies, as well as journalists from local publications.

PR Day in Tashkent with ALPHA Education

On September 16, Tashkent hosted one more
PR-Day, where ALPHA Education platform acted as a partner. Alpha unites more than 150 specialists from Uzbekistan and CIS - they share their experience and knowledge with those, who strive for development.


Our event was attended by 17 participants, including representatives of the IT sphere of Uzbekistan, top managers of companies and PR-specialists. PR-specialists.

Feedback on the project

"The speakers helped to understand how to work with services on analytics: what you need to set up to track mentions and how you can assess brand reputation"

"Learned how to turn your own employees into brand ambassadors"

"PR Day is an educational event where you can get a lot of useful information as well as answers to your specific questions"

"ITCOMMS experts not only provided all participants with valuable theory, but also showed with examples how to use it in practice"

"We support initiatives to hold events that can be useful for young people, startups and residents. PR-day gave its participants an opportunity to move to an understanding of PR and its basic tasks, which can be solved with the help of properly structured communications.  PR-day allowed the guests of the event to master a lot of useful and necessary information for the development and promotion of business in the shortest possible time"


We are excited about new partnerships and would love to discuss with you a new PR day in your country, your city and your company. Contact us through any convenient channel, get answers to your questions or even a concept of your future event.

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