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Educational Projects: Upskilling Specialists in PR and Marketing

Our experts are ready to share their rich experience with your team and conduct educational meetings, webinars, trainings, meetups, etc. for your teams on strategic communications, reputation management, brand promotion, media training on working with the media, and many other relevant PR topics. We operate across Central Asia, Caucasus and surrounding regions, Europe, MENA.


Before starting the training, we will assess your request, as well as the current level of knowledge and competencies of your employees in the field of PR, marketing, and communications to identify gaps and growth areas.

Personalized Solution

Then, our team will develop a personalized curriculum, adapting theoretical material and practical case studies to the specific needs of your business and industry.

Efficient Execution

Our experienced experts will conduct interactive sessions and workshops on the most modern and effective tools for promoting companies in the IT and high-tech industries.

Case Studies

Benefits of Educational Projects From Our Agency

  • Industry expertise in technological PR and digital marketing

  • Continuous updating of educational programs

  • Flexible training formats - offline, online, hybrid

  • Personalization for audience goals and levels

  • Practical assignments and sessions


Case Study: How a PR agency from Central Asia got 8 mln coverage and +67% of client requests


Case Study: Media PR as a way to get wide coverage of an infowar in Turkey

Let's connect to craft an impactful PR campaign specially fitted for your brand!

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