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Ranking: Top 15 Most Media-Covered Banks in Kazakhstan

The leaders of the ranking are Halyk Bank, Otbasy Bank, and Kaspi Bank, with a total news coverage exceeding 80 million.

The team of PR agency ITCOMMS utilizing the Alem Research media and social media monitoring system, analyzed publications in the media and social networks mentioning Kazakhstan banks. Based on the gathered data, a ranking of the most media-covered banks for June-August 2023 was compiled.

The top-ranking banks were Halyk Bank, Otbasy Bank, and Kaspi Bank, garnering the highest number of mentions and coverage in Kazakhstan's media and social networks from June 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023.

ТОП-15 банков Казахстана - лето 2023
ТОП-15 Banks in Kazakhstan - Summer 2023

In the spring of 2023, from March 1 to May 31, Otbasy Bank had the highest coverage (68.9 million), followed by Halyk Bank in second place with 44.9 million media coverage. Jusan Bank - the third position during spring with 17.5 million coverage.

The situation shifted slightly during the summer. Halyk Bank claimed the top spot with 42.6 million coverage (-5.09%), Otbasy Bank dropped to second place (29.1 million coverage, -57.7%), and Kaspi Bank - the third position with 29.08 million coverage (+107.8%).

ТОП-15 Banks in Kazakhstan - Spring 2023
ТОП-15 Banks in Kazakhstan - Spring 2023

The most substantial increase in mentions and coverage in Kazakhstan's media and social networks since the spring of 2023 was observed by Freedom Bank (+118.93%) and Altyn Bank (+112.93%). Additionally, positive momentum in mentions was witnessed for Bank CenterCredit (+50.25%), BTA Bank (+71.58%), Nurbank (+19.51%), and Home Credit Bank (+15.25%).

Conversely, several banks experienced significant declines in coverage. Otbasy Bank experienced the most considerable drop, nearly threefold, from 68.9 million in spring to 29.1 million in summer. The number of mentions in the public sphere also decreased for Bank RBK (-44.5%), Bereke Bank (-38.08%), Eurasian Bank (-24.9%), and Forte Bank (-21.58%).

Top 15 most media-covered banks in Kazakhstan for the summer of 2023:

  1. Halyk Bank (42.6 million)

  2. Otbasy Bank (29.1 million)

  3. Kaspi Bank (29.08 million)

  4. Bank CenterCredit (25.85 million)

  5. Jusan Bank (18.46 million)

  6. Freedom Bank (16.2 million)

  7. Altyn Bank (12.89 million)

  8. Eurasian Bank (12.81 million)

  9. ForteBank (10.3 million)

  10. Nurbank (9.8 million)

  11. Bereke Bank (6.2 million)

  12. BTA Bank (6 million)

  13. VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) (5.1 million)

  14. Home Credit Bank (3.1 million)

  15. Bank RBK (2.2 million)


The ranking is based on data provided by the Alem Research media and social media monitoring system. The analysis considered only news publications in the media of the Republic of Kazakhstan (designated as "Local" in the Alem analytics system) that mentioned Kazakhstan banks. The total coverage includes the number of views of news publications mentioning the studied objects on websites and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others).

Research Period: 03/01/2023 - 08/31/2023

Data for the ranking were calculated on 09/17/2023.


ITCOMMS is a PR agency specializing in promoting IT companies on both local and international markets. Founded by Alexander Likhtman, an expert with 20 years of experience in IT company promotion, the agency helps companies advance their businesses through PR strategies (press offices, media relations), influencer projects, digital initiatives, and events.

ITCOMMS has offices in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, with specialists spread across the world, continuously accumulating and expanding the agency's local and international expertise.

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Copying or publishing the rankings in mass media or any other platform requires a reference to PR agency ITCOMMS, the research period, and the definition of the main ranking indicator.


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