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PR & Marketing experts in Uzbekistan: Who to Follow for the Latest Trends

In our previous article we talked about sources of information related to communications, marketing, and PR in Kazakhstan.

Today, we are talking about Uzbekistan.

We have compiled a list of top experts whom we consider to be cool in PR, marketing, and SMM in Uzbekistan. The list includes agency founders and owners, employees of major local companies, bloggers, and others who actively share their expertise on their platforms, conferences, articles, etc.

Follow them, and you will be the first to learn everything you need to know about PR, marketing, and SMM in Uzbekistan.


📍 Alexander Likhtman - founder of the PR agency ITCOMMS, promoting IT companies for over 20 years and sharing insights about PR, marketing, and personal branding. Launched the educational project PR-day. Telegram channel.

📍 Sevil Sakaeva - co-founder of the PR agency Maslov: Tashkent. Has 12 years of experience in PR and corporate communications.

📍 Zamira Rakhmanova - PR expert, co-founder of the dumpling chain TESTO, and brand manager of the Ishonch store chain. Also, she develops her channel with podcasts on YouTube.

📍 Sardor Babaev - Creative/Art Director of Profsoyuz PR Agency. Talks about PR and creativity.

📍 Madina Ruzmatova - specialist in PR, personal branding, and crisis communications.

📍 Samira Latipova - heads the marketing department of Express24 and runs a blog on IT, PR, and self-realization.

📍 Nigora Akilova - a former PR manager of Nestlé Uzbekistan and now the head of GoodComm PR Agency, founder, and executive director of the IT project


📍 Diyor Mirzaakhmedov - Chairman of the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan, expert, and speaker.

📍 Kamilla Maxkhanova - blogger and marketer. Launched her course on promoting Instagram blogs.

📍 Umid Gafurov - Digital Creator, blogger, and owner of a creative agency.

📍 Malik Karimov - Director of Marketing at, with 17 years of experience in marketing.

📍Feruzhan Yakubkhodjaev - one of the most famous Uzbek bloggers, author of the channel "Citizen of the City."

📍Shakhnoza Yakubova - head of marketing and PR at AKFA Medline, marketing association expert.

📍Shakhruch Nizamutdinov - director of FCBArtgroup, 16 years of experience in marketing.


📍Aziz Um - founder of a marketing agency and educational project specializing in SMM and marketing.

📍Nargiza Madjitova - marketer, author of an expert blog on SMM in Uzbekistan. Author of an SMM course.

📍Maria Furkatovna - blogger, founder of an SMM agency.

📍Aziz Mutalipov - expert in Digital Marketing and targeting, with 6 years of experience in these fields.

📍Aziz Karimkhanov - internet entrepreneur, founder of the online school "Zzys."

📍Farkhod Kamilov - speaker, founder of a digital agency and educational platform for internet marketing.

📍Aziza and her Zerotohero - online school for SMM.

Many of these experts have their own blogs on Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other platforms. Follow the key communication, marketing, and PR experts in Uzbekistan.

And if you want to add to the list, feel free to do so in the comments 👌

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