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Zarnigor Usmanova

Communications and Media Outreach Specialist Uzbekistan

A true professional with an unrivaled command of PR and digital in Uzbekistan. Having collaborated with both government entities and the IT sector, if you're seeking a specialist for this region, there's no one better than Zarnigor.

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About Zarnigor 

Over 6 years of experience in local and international projects on media, PR, business, culture, branding, brand internationalization, IT, production, tourism, women empowerment, sustainable housing, climate change, market transformation, cooperation relations, social development, and forced and child labor prevention.

Experienced in working with local ministries,agencies ,NGOs and international organizations such as UNPD, World Bank, EU Delegation yo Uzbekistan, WB, GEF, ILO and others.


If you have any questions, contact Zarnigor, She will get back to you ASAP 

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