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Monitoring and Analytics: Make Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions with our comprehensive monitoring and analytics services. We provide in-depth analysis of your communication activities, allowing you to measure results, adjust strategies, and achieve better outcomes. We Offer Comprehensive Media Monitoring, In-Depth Data Analysis, Customized Reporting, Strategic Recommendations and Continuous Monitoring and Optimization.


Our team of experienced analysts dissects the data, providing you with actionable insights into sentiment, trends, competitor activity, and audience engagement, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

We provide ongoing monitoring and analysis, enabling you to continuously evaluate and fine-tune your strategies for sustained success.

Personalized Solution

We deliver tailored reports that align with your specific needs and KPIs, presenting the information in a clear and visually appealing format for easy comprehension and informed decision-making.

Efficient Execution

Based on our analysis, we offer strategic recommendations to optimize your communication efforts, refine your messaging, and maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Case Studies

Benefits of Monitoring and Analytics From Our Agency

  • Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights

  • Measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts

  • Identify trends, opportunities, and potential risks

  • Benchmark against competitors and industry standards

  • Optimize campaigns for better ROI

  • Align communication strategies with business objectives


Case Study: How a PR agency from Central Asia got 8 mln coverage and +67% of client requests


Case Study: Media PR as a way to get wide coverage of an infowar in Turkey

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