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Jeanna Skripal

PR Pro

A seasoned, daring PR professional with a creative mindset and a strong analytical acumen. Extensive experience in PR in Kazakhstan, Europe and North America: media relations, events, analytics and communication strategies.

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About Jeanna

PR specialist with over 6 years of experience helping companies communicate effectively with their target audiences and achieve key business objectives. Skilled in both B2B and B2C segments, understands their unique needs and challenges. Relies on data-driven insights and leverages PR along with marketing tactics to drive results.

Highlights core competencies in writing compelling narratives, gathering and analyzing data, event promotion and PR strategy development. Since 2022, has been working at ITCOMMS to elevate the agency’s brand internationally and across Central Asia. Thanks to Zhanna’s efforts, earned coverage for ITCOMMS has appeared in PR Daily,,, WeProject and more.

Additionally provides PR support to one of the largest IT companies in Kazakhstan and an investment holding group managing a diversified portfolio. Brings a strategic mindset combined with flawless execution to deliver tangible outcomes for clients through integrated communications campaigns.

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