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Developing Effective Communication Strategies for IT Business

Our agency will help analyze your information environment and target audiences to develop a tailored communication strategy that will enable tech companies to achieve business objectives in the Central Asian, European, Caucasus and other regional markets.


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your information field, including key news hooks, competitive landscape, sentiment in media coverage and social networks. We determine target audiences and analyze content consumption patterns to grasp customer preferences.

Personalized Solution

Based on the data, our experts develop an optimal communication strategy with a focus on resolving specific business challenges: launching a new product, entering new markets, finding investors and partners, increasing customer loyalty and other goals.

Efficient Execution

We don’t just define key messages, we also select effective online and offline communication channels for each audience segment: publications in trade and mass media, industry events, engaging IT thought leaders, special projects on social media and more.

Benefits of a Communication Strategy from Our Agency

  • Comprehensive analysis of information field in your niche and understanding of target groups

  • Strategy tailored to company's business objectives

  • Focused on results: boosting sales, entering new markets, bringing on partners, elevating brand

  • Optimal media mix of online and offline communication channels

  • Performance tracking and adjustments based on evolving situation

Case Studies


Case Study: How a PR agency from Central Asia got 8 mln coverage and +67% of client requests


Case Study: Media PR as a way to get wide coverage of an infowar in Turkey

Start Achieving Your Business Goals with a Strategic Communications Plan Tailored for You

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