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Generate your perfect press release with AI!

Get three custom press release options delivered straight to your inbox in minutes! Just fill out the form below.


About the press release generator

Guaranteed uniqueness

We use advanced artificial intelligence technologies and our expertise to create quality texts that meet your specific needs


Saves you time and money

Typically, it takes 1-2 days to craft a press release with the help of a copywriter and editor. However, our service streamlines the process and produces a press release for you in mere minutes, eliminating the need for professional personnel

Adds to your progressive image

Using AI to generate the press release can be leveraged as an advantage when presenting it to your boss. Also it can be as a standalone news story


Press release application

Event name *

Specify the exact name of your event or product.
This name will be in the headline and at the beginning of the text to immediately attract attention.

Date and place *

Specify the exact date and place of the event.
Why: It is important for journalists to know when and where the event will take place for timely coverage.

Media type for distribution *

Specify the type of media for which the press release is created (e.g., newspapers, online media, TV). This helps adapt the style and content of the press release to the specific media.

Target audience *

Describe who will use the product or participate in the event (e.g., entrepreneurs, investors, professionals in a certain field).
This helps focus the content on the interests and needs of those who are targeted by the event or product, making the press release relevant.

Key messages *

Provide an important quote from a significant person related to the event or product.
Quotes add authority and personal opinion, making the press release more lively and interesting.

Quote *

Specify the main ideas or themes that should be highlighted in the press release.
These key messages help focus the text on the main aspects of the event or product.

Speaker's position or title *

Specify the position or title of the person you are quoting.
This adds context and authority to the quote.

Standard company description *

Write a brief description of your company.
This standard block helps journalists and readers learn more about your company.

Press contacts *

Specify the contact person, their email, and phone number.
This is necessary for journalists and other interested parties to contact you for additional information.

Press release language *

Specify the language in which the press release should be written.
This is important for correct writing and adaptation of the text.

Press release second language *

Your E-mail *

The email to which we will send the press release

Thank you!

Your press-release is being generated. Please check your email within 10-15 minutes.

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Please ensure all required fields are completed.

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